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For thirteen years I’ve offered massage therapy and yoga instruction to a wide range of ages and abilities, from infants and moms, to folks with Alzheimer’s, intellectually disabled, people with injuries and illnesses and teen athletes. Seeing and experiencing a large spectrum of variables has contributed to my ability to adapt, invent, and continually seek education in order to draw from a generous tool box.

For the past year I’ve been studying an applied neuroscience approach to movement education through Zhealth Performance and AMN (Applied Movement Neurology) Academy. I’ve found this to be the most progressive approach to date. In addition to taking courses, I’m always reading, learning and trying to stay apprised of the latest research around motor learning, mobility, pain and movement science. Other influences include Katy Bowman, Erwan LeCorre, Ido Portal, Igor Burdenko, Moshe Feldenkrais, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Don Miguel Ruiz, Thich Naht Hanh as well as too many writers to list. I'm inspired by dancers, artists, poets, musicians and consider creativity to be one of the most redeeming qualities of the human race. I'm also a forest explorer, secular Buddhist, mother to a four year old son and overall curious person who derives immense value from the natural world, varietal movement, supportive community and examined living.

I believe that we do in class should translate to functional skills applicable to every day life so that we may remain and become strong, mobile, present, balanced and confident to participate in all of the activities we enjoy.

It's vital to assess and improve the way our nervous system functions because movement output hinges upon how well we absorb information. We do this by way of the inner ear (vestibular system) visual system (coordination and strength of eyes/brain/vestibular) and proprioception (sense of body in space) and then our brains interpret and determine output. My classes incorporate mindfulness, breathing, deliberate rest and yoga postures as well as joint mobilization, dynamic balance, foot mobility, active stretching and strengthening, stabilization, coordination, floor work and use of resistance bands and therapy balls.

While it is comforting to know what to expect out of a class to some extent, our neuroplastic brains thrive on novel movement and learning opportunities. No two of my classes are ever exactly alike but we frequently revisit certain movements and exercises.

Since group classes cannot offer the same level of attention as an individual session, those with injuries, limitations, pain or specific concerns may derive more benefit from individual movement coaching. I offer this in-home or at my Littleton studio.

I encourage listening to one’s body, being curious and open-minded and voicing concerns/questions whenever they come up. Equally important: laughter, fun, healthy skepticism and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Thank you for being here! 

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theresnoplacelikeom at gmail dot com