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Erin has a degree in art and considers creativity in its many forms to be a core value in her life and work. In addition to writing and making music, teaching and movement have been a mainstay in her life since as a child she taught dance to her stuffed animals. She has been offering yoga & movement instruction and manual therapy to a wide range of ages and abilities since 2004. Teaching a large spectrum of abilities and needs over the years has shaped her ability to adapt, invent and continually seek education for a generous tool box from which to draw. She believes that class content should translate to functional skills applicable to every-day life so we may remain and become strong, mobile, present, balanced and confident to participate in all the activities we enjoy.

In 2014 following the birth of her son and a delve in to modern postural yoga history, she was compelled to pivot away from traditional yoga toward interdisciplinary movement and the burgeoning field of applied neuroscience, rekindling her long-standing love of the brain. She considers it vital to assess and improve the way our nervous system functions because movement output quality and quantity hinges upon how we absorb and process information in the brain. We take in information by way of the inner ear (vestibular system) visual system (coordination and strength of eyes and visual areas of the brain including how vision informs posture, gait, balance and more) and proprioception (sense of body in space), and can make huge gains by training these sensory systems.

In addition to vision and vestibular training, her classes incorporate breathing, joint mobilization, dynamic balance, foot mobility, active stretching, stabilization, coordination, floor work and deliberate rest. She frequently utilizes resistance bands, blankets, socks and balls for both brain-enhancement, play, therapy.

She also offers unique, brain-centered education for yoga and movement teachers looking to expand their knowledge base in a competitive market via online courses and a monthly membership.

Her writing about the business of teaching yoga and challenges of transitioning into other modalities inspired her serialized audiobook podcast The Whole Beautiful.

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theresnoplacelikeom at gmail dot com