Erin Jade, certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, writer, creative aspirant, forest explorer, mother to a three year old son, and overall curious person has been teaching a wide range of ages and abilities for the past twelve years. Her teaching offers a contemporary, relevant physical practice intended to counteract the deleterious effects of extended chair sitting, shoe wearing, cultural disembodiment and nature deficit. She is on a mission to save our species and planet. She has a pretty good sense of humor.

She draws from many traditions including yoga, natural movement and secular buddhism. Some of her numerous influences include biomechanist Katy Bowman, barefoot podiatrist Ray McClalahan, movement coach Ido Portal, NatMov creator Erwan Le Corre, Z Health's Dr. Eric Cobb and buddhist teachers Pema Chodron and Tara Brach, writers Annie Dillard and Amy Leach, artist Andy Goldsworthy. She is always learning and seeking ways to inspire people inhabit their bodies and the earth more harmoniously. She consumes books and podcasts voraciously. Somehow she always finds tiny pockets of time for music, crocheting and gardening and takes great comfort in organizing all of the projects she dreams of one day tackling, on Pinterest.

Erin combines dynamic/resistance stretching and strengthening, agility, balance, inner ear and vision drills and alignment principles into her physical approach and mindfulness, breath, creativity and gratitude into her spiritual teaching. She believes that regular exposure to the natural world, varietal movement, nutrient dense seasonal food, supportive community and clear purpose are some of the most important elements for a long healthy life. She hopes to inspire examined living, rich with inventiveness, reflection, humor and curiosity.

All levels of ability and experience are welcome.