Polysemous Yoga


"You have the simultaneity of this incredibly rigorous elite athletic practice with admonitions towards the subtle body; a focus upon energetics that flow through incredible physical demands. [in Ashtanga yoga]. There is a fundamental tension between the thought of something that will make you well and something that will pull you apart and make you 'other'-- I think that’s at the heart of modern yoga.

Why is it different from Pilates or aerobics or contact improv? It’s because those don’t have this threshold by which the aspiration for wellness is constantly stepped over for the aspiration for self-dissolution. So there’s a way in which yoga is saying two things at once. It’s saying I will take care of you and I will destroy you, both things are good-- and I want us to be a little bit more clear that we’re saying both of those things at the same time [in the yoga teaching community] so that people who really just want to have therapy don’t rip the crap out of their joints or go on ten day Vipassana retreats which are incredibly intense, when what they really want to do is just self regulate a little bit better."

--Matthew Remski

Erin Jade