“Your understanding of reality is a far cry from reality itself. Your understanding of reality is constructed in large part according to your expectations and beliefs which are based on all of your past experiences and  held in the cortex as predictive memory. This is worth repeating. Any of your perceptions—what you see, hear, feel and think is real, are profoundly shaped and influenced by your beliefs and expectations and this includes beliefs  about your body.

Your body image is an amalgam of beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and expectations with an occasional delusion thrown in, that are likewise embedded both in your body maps and in the cortex that stores your autobiographical memories and  social attitudes. Your family, peers and culture provide the content, you provide the interpretation.

For most people, important beliefs about the body begin to bubble into consciousness in early adolescence. By the end of the teenage years these beliefs have congealed into a coherent body image right along with religious beliefs, political beliefs and stereotypes. All are highly resistant to change later in life. “

The Body Has a Mind of its Own

By Sandra & Mathew blakeslee

Erin Jade