We Still Idolize Extreme Ranges of Motion


If the cover of yoga journal and Instagram numbers are a litmus test, then it’s evident the masses and industry still idolize extreme ranges of motion. The frustration for a modern teacher is twofold: on one hand the practice is remote and unapproachable (not flexible enough) and on the other the messaging is an insidious dictate of need: I need to be more flexible, I want this, 300 versions of Instagram “amazing” for the girl being pinched and pulled until her toes rest behind her neck because this must be a good thing, because that is what gets a person noticed, chosen, hair-pulled by kino mcgregor. I need to “stretch”, our students tell us, because I feel “tight” and “stiff” and by this reasoning, genetically flexible (on the hyper mobile end of the spectrum) people must feel really really good. It isn’t the (yoga) that sculpted their body into magnificently malleable shapes, it’s a genetic potential they already possessed and the thing that attracted them to yoga because it came easily.

#krishnamacharya #extremeyoga

Erin Jade