Why Is This Appealing?


There’s a fascination with feats of flexibility that needs to be investigated more consciously by those who work in the industry. Perhaps It is the same appeal that draws us to cirque du soleil and the Guinness book: we like to push boundaries and explore outer reaches of human capability. There’s glory and strangeness and rebellion there. Defiance. Transcendence. Dissolution. A daring dance with laws of matter; gravity itself. As long as we don’t ask why, it will be allowed to continue to propagate and permeate our yoga media and culture. The exaltation of curious shapes by force is a legacy we’ve inherited. To be progressive teachers, we must sort through and deliberately choose what to get behind: what is sensationalist, relevant, updated, therapeutic, damaging; and where we are within the timeline. What should we teach now, armed with information accrued over the past 50 years in various fields of exercise science, and what is surfacing in current biomechanics, neuroscience and neuromechanics? 

Erin Jade