Movement Fluency: The Workshop

This is my signature movement blend, incorporating elements of mind-body health I finds fascinating, contemporary, critical, empowering, cooperative and progressive. 

I believe that as a result of our culture and society, our movement repertoire is increasingly endangered like the “use it or lose it” saying goes. Playing, exploring, climbing, skipping, reaching, hanging, going barefoot and getting up and down off the ground are some of the many elements missing from our diet, even for children who don't play outside in unstructured ways as much as they did even thirty years ago. Long-range and peripheral vision, inner ear function and a healthy nervous system can be honed in order to live longer and stronger.

In this class we’ll examine our everyday movement diet and how it shapes us, and find ways to strategically build more healthy, varietal movement into every day life. We’ll discuss ways in which we’ve outsourced movement (such as within our food supply) and how we might reclaim it. Stepping outside of the exercise box, we will consider how to create active, enjoyable, movement-rich lives, remembering how to move with joy, freedom and inspiration.We'll discuss the importance of nurturing community and soulful purpose; all part and parcel of healthy living with the greater goal to impact our world for the better.

Class will meet on trailheads, playgrounds and lakeside with an indoor option available.