I Want For You, All of It 2/3/18

more learning, more helping

When I watch you move, I see parts by themselves contained within the way they coalesce to form a whole.

Often I see limping, compensating, leaning, favoring and energetic nuances you can’t. I see the flop of your feet, the frozenness of your neck, the pace of your breath, luster and movement of eyes. I ask you what lights you up. I hope to help you do the things you love: hiking, golfing, gardening, carrying kids. Living unfettered.

You need someone to watch you carefully as an owl, as a deer in a field tracks humans- with pricked ears, saucer eyes- all systems online and tuned in. Hearing like a bell.

Have you ever considered your bar might be too low? You think this laundry list of pains and aches and deteriorations are solely due to age? Genes? Uncontrollable factors? No one’s ever told you that improving your vision could increase overall mobility, right? That functional breathing is foundational. That a technique where you walk a figure eight pattern each day for a little bit of time could bring symmetry to your face and body and improve your posture and gait.

I want for you- all of it. The same stuff you want. Joy. Feeling alive at home in your body, fluidity. Seeing, balancing, functioning with grace and vitality. Easing pain. I now know, for example that there are ways we could train parts of your brain and cranial nerves and vestibular system to help in ways you didn’t think possible.

Our brains? The pinnacle of fascination for me right now at the center of the movement coaching I aim to offer with a generous dose of empathy, nurturing, mindfulness, softness and inquiry you’ve come to expect from me. I’m still me. I’m always going to question and stay humble. And learn like crazy.

Much of this is a huge paradigm shift, tectonic plates sliding. Sometimes I feel like a time traveler who went to the future and faces the challenge of coming back to skeptics. Yoga used to be like that not too long ago before it went mainstream, remember? Something a few hippies did in their living rooms? Now a new wave of movement geeks are glimpsing unparalleled levels of potential as they navigate tricky entrenched beliefs, fitness industry dissonance and cultural resistance.

You know why I’m pressing on? Because it’s fascinating stuff on the frontline. I’m excited and I’m for hire: one on one and small groups. I still believe in mindfulness, meditation, deliberate rest, the cultivation of curiosity, community, time in nature. I also think you’re best served by the type and dose of exercise for your specific needs/goals the same way we think of taking medicine.

Working together one on one will accelerate your blooming. It won’t be old-school fitness training with reps and isolated untranslatable drills like plank and clamshells. It will be titrated, personalized movement for your unique self with your unique issues along with undivided attention.

It’s teamwork. We learn together, and I learn your stories. The whole picture is always in flux, swiss-watch-complex, and mysterious as the fact that we’re alive.  

Erin JadeComment