Trail Play 

1st Sunday of the month,3:30-5:00 pm: August 6th, September 10th, october 1st,NOvember 5th

Walking on varietal terrain outdoors is one of the most natural and necessary human movements and one in which many of us are deficient, in large part because our infrastructure is designed for cars. Our bodies still need this type of natural movement and our nervous systems crave time out in the elements. 

This monthly drop-in class will be offered at several of my favorite trailheads in Littleton. We'll learn ways to use walking for centering, mindfulness and whole-body health. We will begin with a reading about some aspect of our relationship to the natural world and then walk together along the path. Our largely silent walk will be embedded with episodes of learning: beneficial body mechanics, ways to work on balance and agility, mobilizing our upper body and improving peripheral and long range vision. We will also incorporate mindful breathing, dynamic stretching and learn about the benefits of grounding. 

We will close by making a collaborative piece of ephemeral earth art. This may be a mandala, garland, altar or sculpture with objects we collect on our path. This will serve as an offering, a meditation and reminder of the transient nature of existence.