Yoga as a living tradition continues to evolve. And your teaching model should too. You can stay ahead of the curve while staying true to your roots.”
— Brea Johnson


Functional movement with roots in yoga, informed by applied neurology, biomechanics and natural movement.  

Movement is the language of life, yet many of us feel limited by stiffness, immobility and fear of falling and injury. Fortunately for us, our nervous system is capable of change throughout our entire lives! In this functional movement class we’ll learn ways to improve coordination, balance and mobility. We’ll build better visual skills, inner ear (vestibular) function, foot strength and whole body capability in a playful, joyful, welcoming environment. Integration of mind, heart and body will permeate all that we do. Students with osteoporosis, joint replacements and injuries are more than welcome, however in some cases, one-on-one sessions may be more suitable for individual concerns. Each practice will close with a relaxation period. No experience is required. This class is accessible to anyone and everyone; all you have to bring is an open mind, sense of humor and willingness to learn something new!  


Drop-ins $20 (sliding scale offered)

Friday 9:00-10:30 am  Erin's home studio, Littleton. Contact her for details.


Drop-ins $20

Saturday 9:00-10:30 am Erin's home studio, Littleton. Contact her for details.